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Modern psychology has always been plagued by the problem of evidence. By its very nature, the mind is a mystery; it cannot be x-rayed like the limbs and organs of the body. Astrology offers a solution to this dilemma – the system of astrology provides this x-ray of the psyche. As such, it is an excellent psychological diagnostic tool and complements other types of therapy.

A complete astrological chart illustrates the evolving energy pattern of an individual’s life. The symbolic language of astrology enables hidden or unclear dynamics operating in a person’s life to be more clearly seen and understood. It provides varied perspectives to see life differently. Astrology takes a person outside themselves to look at their life from a distance… while also encouraging a person to look deeply within. The individual is then better able to give positive form to their deepest feelings and unconscious yearnings. Living closer to one’s true nature can provide new direction and meaning in life.

The entire chart represents what is called a deep system – a primary structure that cannot be reduced to anything simpler without losing something essential to the phenomenon under study. All components in a chart interact with each other and each one must be interpreted in relationship to the whole. This is why simplified sun sign astrology is meaningless.

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Astrology is closely linked to psychology; therefore it is a counseling tool, not a fortune telling device. It is not necessary to “believe” in it to benefit. Questions and healthy skepticism are welcome. Also essential to good counseling is the client’s view of his/her quest for understanding of self, others, and one’s place in the world.
One of my strengths is the ability to perceive an individual’s personal symbolism. In working with these images each client’s unique storehouse of unconscious knowledge is tapped; much awareness and understanding of a particular personality trait or problem area can occur, leading to healthy change. All information is strictly confidential.

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 “Counseling is a fifty/fifty proposition. The minute I give more than fifty percent, counseling stops, and rescuing begins.”

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