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  • Dianne Seaman Poitier

The Inner Compass

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Our curriculum is completely individualized. Our contract is with our Higher Self alone. No one else can tell us what our script is about – not our parents, teachers, friends, priests, therapists or gurus. One person’s script may bring him to religion while another person’s challenge may be to leave religion for something more personally challenging. My task may be to break free from traditional values while another’s may be to learn from them. There are no external rules we can follow to guide us through the most difficult ordeals we face in life. At such points we have only a subtle inner voice to guide us, a gut sense of where our true course lies.

I sometimes ask my students to consider carefully what they would choose if they could have either a map of their entire karmic script or an inner compass with which to orient themselves on their journey through life. With a map they would know the general features of the trail they are on, while with a compass they would know only if they are on or off their path. As tempting as it would be to have a map of our lives, the compass is always the better choice. Even with a map we can get lost, but never with a compass. Our inner compass is a living awareness of our alignment with our karmic script. If we learn how to use it, it will always tell us whether we are off or on course, whether we are falling behind or moving ahead of schedule. It is an inner knowing that can be refined into a highly sensitive moment–to-moment unsurpassed guidance system.

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