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  • Dianne Seaman Poitier

Past Life Therapy-Timing and Free Will Linking Astrology, Past Life Therapy and Quantum Physics

Some sort of intrinsic design seems to guide people's individual development, including transcendent experiences like perceiving other lifetimes and awareness of "karmic overlays" linked to the present life. Astrology has the potential to offer clues for this design. In Jungian terms, it can be viewed as both a map and timetable of the individuation process. It is important to note here that a chart shows what is potential, what is a probability, not what is rigidly inevitable. This shows a link astrology shares with quantum physics. In the quantum model the outcome is also likely or probable, not rigidly fixed. Some metaphysical philosophy theorizes that a soul "participates" on some level in choosing the script for a life, determined by "past" behavior patterns (samskaras), soul purpose, lessons etc. Their "script", or coding, would be mapped out by the astrological energies at their time of birth. Therefore when a person is born and the subsequent energies that compose that life would be no accident.

One aspect of the "script" may be both the type and timing of these transcendent perceptions, such as past life memories. Accessing past life material is really a different way of perceiving than occurs in “ordinary waking consciousness”. There seem to be some clear astrological indicators of which people are more predisposed to access past life levels- ie. who has a higher probability of this happening and when...the periods in their life that are like "ripe times" for such perceptions.

This information offers benefits for both past life therapists and their clients. It helps to explain why some people have profound shifts, pattern breakthroughs as a result of past life work, while others have none. It can also add the perspective that there are "ripe times" in someone's life for patterns to change. Perhaps a person is not unwilling to change. It just isn't time in their "life script" for that shift to occur. Transits can be seen as a type of wave/ frequency pattern interfacing with a person's personality frequency pattern. Transits appear to reflect times when the potential for changing our existing wave patterns (altering the causal body level and the quantum/etheric level)are the greatest.

The energy field of our personality seems to become more fluid during these "ripe times", like soft clay able to be remolded. This theory fits the alchemical model, which is another map of psychological development very linked to astrology. In alchemy, it was assumed that the alchemical opus, (changing psychological patterns), could only be performed at certain optimal moments, or “ripe times”, as revealed by planetary transits. Therefore aligning with the natural order or soul plan for our lives appears to be both effective and efficient. Perhaps these changes can occur at other times with much more effort, or maybe there are "windows of opportunity" that open for a time, then close until the next transit cycle. Those are some questions raised from such theories. Another question these types of discussions generate is one concerning fate vs. free will. For example, can someone will a past life pattern to change by conscious ego choice alone or is this timing fated/pre-ordained in some way? The closest I've come to answering that one involves a paradoxical quote by philosopher Patricia Sun. "We are both one hundred percent in control and one hundred percent not in control."

Copyright by Dianne Seaman/Certified Past-Life Therapist by

The International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT)

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